Walk-in free flu vaccination service Mayfair Soho and Camden.



Have you had your flu jab yet?



The flu vaccine is safe and effective. It is offered through the NHS every year to protect those at risk from flu, as well as its complications. Why wait to protect yourself, when you can take advantage of our walk-in free flu vaccination service in Mayfair, Soho and Camden?



Free Flu Vaccination Service in Mayfair Soho and Camden - walk-ins available



Why is the flu vaccine important?



The flu vaccine’s importance is heightened as a result of the pandemic. If you are at higher risk from Coronavirus, this also makes you more at risk from flu complications. The flu vaccine offers the most effective protection against flu. It helps to protect you against the main types of flu virus, although there is still a chance you may catch it. However, if you do get flu following your jab, it is likely to be more mild, and not last as long.



Who can access our free flu vaccination service in Mayfair, Soho and Camden?



The free flu vaccination is available to those who are 50 or over, are pregnant, or have certain health conditions, among others. Check your eligibility through the list on the NHS website, or get in touch with us if you are unsure.



We offer a free flu vaccination service in Mayfair, Soho and Camden today



Our free flu vaccination service



To take advantage of our free flu vaccination service in Mayfair, Soho and Camden, you are not required to make an appointment. We offer a walk-in service, so that you can get your jab at a time that suits you within our opening hours. This service is only available to eligible NHS patients. Private flu vaccinations for those outwith the aforementioned categories will incur a fee.



Is it safe to come in for my free flu vaccination?



We have made changes with your safety in mind during this time. These changes include handwashing, mantaining social distancing and wearing PPE to protect both staff and patients.



Contact us for more information; visit us for your free NHS flu vaccination today