Let’s help you Beat the Bad Habit

To help you beat smoking addiction and lessen your withdrawal symptoms, various different therapies can be purchased from our pharmacy, as well as on prescription from your GP. However, it’s not just medicine that can help you stop. Support is just as important in making a permanent, healthier change.

The best course of action for you to take will rely on your preferences, age, whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and any underlying medical concerns. Get in touch with us for the best guidance.

What is Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)?

Nicotine addiction is the main cause of smoking. NRT is a solution that gives you a small amount of nicotine without the tar, carbon monoxide, or other harmful substances found in cigarette smoke.

When you stop smoking, it may lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms including mood swings and cravings. This medication can help.

Stop smoking service

What are the effects of smoking?

In the UK, smoking is one of the leading causes of illness and death. Smoking causes over 78,000 annual deaths, and thousands more suffer from crippling illnesses in the UK.

More than 50 major health conditions are more likely to develop among smokers. Some could be fatal, while others could harm your health in the long run in an irreparable way.

You are more likely to develop health issues:

– If you smoke personally
– If those close to you smoke (passive smoking)

About seven out of ten instances of lung cancer (70%) are related to smoking. Many other areas of the body are also affected, including the:

– Mouth
– Throat
– Voice box (larynx)
– Pancreas
– Oesophagus (the tube between your mouth and stomach)
– Bladder
– Kidney
– Bowel
– Cervix
– Liver
– Stomach

Smoking harms your heart and blood circulation, raising your risk of contracting illnesses like:

Coronary heart disease
Heart attack

How can we help you?

We can provide you with medication and support for stopping smoking. Many people turn to us for advice and supplies for nicotine replacement therapy in order to stop smoking. We can also help you source a prescription medication where neccesary, following our advice and support.

Visit Chel Pharmacy to talk about our stop smoking service today!