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Chel Pharmacy is here to help you. We offer you the opportunity to jet off with reliable Covid PCR Testing in Mayfair, Soho and Camden. Covid has had a staggering impact upon the travel industry; millions of people worldwide cancelled their travel plans in 2021. However, airlines are starting to reintroduce travel, as a result of the availability of Covid PCR Testing such as ours.



What is a Covid PCR Test?



Many airlines and countries now require proof of a negative Covid test result 48-72 hours prior to travel. PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, which detects the active presence of Covid-19 antigens. This test is unable to detect antibodies, or the body’s immune response. Essentially, this test determines whether someone has the virus very early on. It does this through its detection of viral RNA (ribonucleic acid). Ribonucleic acid is present in the body before symptoms start to appear, or before antibodies form. Therefore, the test accurately indicates who is, and who is not, infected. This gives airlines and countries more control over the spread of the virus.



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Why do I need to take the test?



Covid PCR testing/ Fit to Fly testing caters for people of all ages. It is tailored to those who need to travel abroad for a variety of reasons. This is due to the increased need for certification proving a lack of active Covid-19 infection before travel. A regularly updated list of countries requiring documentation can be found on the Government Website.

Please note: this test is not appropriate for those who have Covid symptoms, or have experienced symptoms up to 28 days beforehand. In this case, you should follow Government guidance surrounding self-isolation and testing.



Covid PCR Testing in Mayfair Soho and Camden with same day results



Our Covid PCR Testing in Mayfair, Soho and Camden



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At Chel Pharmacy, our Covid PCR testing in Mayfair, Soho and Camden offers you rapid and reliable reassurance. This test is carried out during the 72 hour window before travel. You will complete the swab test yourself. Do not worry, as instructions will be included within the home testing kit. The test involves swabbing the back of your throat, as well as your nasal passage. We will deliver your home testing kit to you, so you do not need to worry about coming into the Pharmacy.

Once registered and completed, your swab needs to be packaged up and returned to the lab for analysis. You will receive your results, along with your Fit to Fly certificate, via email within 24 hours. If your test is received by midday, you can get your results within 24 hours.



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